Making care accessible and affordable

Generous Supporters

Our generous supporters make health happen. Our supporters keep the lights on, the medical supplies plentiful, and our dedicated team focused on providing great patient care.
Because of our supporters’ generosity, our patients focus on their health without having to worry how to pay for it. Even with our small fees, Sinclair Health Clinic never turns away patients due to the inability to pay.

$5 a visit

We ask our patients who are uninsured to contribute $5 for each medical and mental health visit. The rest is covered by the generosity of our partners and donors. People should not have to choose between their health and paying the rent or food on the table. We will never turn anyone away due to the inability to pay. There is no charge for community health services.

Income-based Annual Registration

All patients must recertify each year to make sure they meet income and residency requirements. This helps make sure we are in keeping with our mission. Patients are asked to pay an annual registration fee that is based on their income and household size. The annual fee ranges from $0- $75. Most of our patients are not asked to pay a registration fee.


Pharmacy and Medications

We do what we can to make medicine as affordable as possible for everyone, not just for our patients. Please see our pharmacy page for our price list or contact our pharmacy directly at 540-536-1680.

Valley Health Services

Valley Health donates hundreds of thousands of dollars in diagnostic services (lab and imaging) to our patients each year. If you receive a bill for laboratory services, please reach out to Valley Health’s Financial Counselors at 866-414-4576. Most laboratory services are covered under the Free Clinic Presumptive Eligibility Clause within their financial assistance policy. If you are still having trouble, please bring your bill to the Clinic.

While some services are automatically covered, like basic imaging and annual/new patient labwork, others are not. Patients are strongly encouraged to complete Valley Health’s financial assistance application to avoid any surprise bills.

Sinclair Health Clinic cannot be held responsible for the bills you incur. You must complete your financial assistance application.

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