Executive Director Job

Job Title: Executive Director

Department: Administration

Reports To: Board of Directors

Direct Reports: Director of Clinical Services, Finance/Drug Screening Manager, Pharmacist-in-Charge, Administrative Assistant, Community Health Worker Coordinator, Eligibility and Outreach Coordinator

FLSA Classification: Full-Time, Salaried, Exempt

This job description is based on an evaluation of the position at the time this description was written. This job description will change from time to time as tasks, organization and technology change. Accordingly, the employer reserves the unlimited right to revise all or any part of this job description and the essential functions of the job and to add or eliminate essential functions of any position. Designation of any job duty as an “essential function” is not intended as an assurance or guarantee that an employee has any right to perform that particular job duty, except as required by the employer.

Job Summary:
The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for the overall management of the operations of the Sinclair Health Clinic (SHC) in accordance with SHC by-laws and approved Board policies. Primary responsibilities include administration of the medical, pharmacy, community health, drug testing, behavioral health and therapy programs; direct management of staff and volunteers; fundraising and resource development: fiscal oversight; and program evaluation and development.

Principle Responsibilities:
• Recruit and screen clinic staff and volunteers; provide orientation and training; perform annual staff performance evaluations.
• Make staff hiring and termination decisions in collaboration with the Board.
• Convene and lead the senior leadership team meetings to ensure delivery of quality services which comply with funding source requirements and the SHC strategic plan.
• Compile and maintain administrative reports and statistical data on all aspects of the clinic’s programs; ensure that required reports are submitted in a timely fashion.
• Oversee and manage clinic contractors.
• Maintain and expand relationships with key partners and donors; seek and identify new partnerships and business development opportunities.
• Coordinate meeting and retreat agendas with the Board Chair; prepare and disseminate Board meeting documents; attend all regular and special meetings of the Board; support all Board committees; keep Board informed by making timely reports of significant clinic happenings.
• Communicate the vision, mission and core values of the SHC to the non-profit community, donors, governmental entities, staff and the public at large.
• Provide fiscal oversight for the clinic; prepare and submit to the Board an annual SHC budget; monitor the budget and make regular finance reports to the Board; create and implement fundraising strategies to support current and long-term organizational health.
• Provide strategic guidance and content for grant applications.
• Collaborate with the Medical Director and the Director of Clinical Services to systematically monitor quality and safety of care and to develop/update clinical policies and procedures.
• Perform other and related duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

Qualified candidates must possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree (Masters or Doctorate preferred) and 5 years of relevant management experience.

Salary Range: $75,000 – $100,000, based on experience.

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