Mr. Rogers once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

As the news reported the horrors stemming from the pandemic and the Clinic began to feel its weight, I looked up and saw the helpers- people performing small (and large) acts of kindness, wearing masks, giving others more personal space, and even having Zoom Thanksgiving dinners. And of course, the helpers of Sinclair Health Clinic make my heart soar.

Despite the pandemic, our doors remained open. We have cared for over 1,200 people since the pandemic hit Virginia. Every life saved, disease cured, outbreak averted, and cancer detected at Sinclair Health Clinic is because of you. Our donors, volunteers, and partners make our life-saving work possible.

As other free clinics reduced hours or closed permanently due to the strain of pandemic, Sinclair Health Clinic has grown stronger. With the opening of our new pharmacy location on the first floor, our revamped community health worker program, and constant flow of innovation, our supportive community has elevated the Clinic to make a bigger impact and reach more people in a time when our care is more important than ever.  

On behalf of our team who have the joy and privilege of helping so many wonderful patients who would otherwise have been medically neglected, thank you.  We hope you have a wonderful and healthy holiday season. And again, thank you for helping others do the same.

– Katrina

“Order canceled by supplier.” My stomach dropped. No facemasks.

This was the fourth supplier and each canceled. This was early in the pandemic when there was hope that orders would be filled.


As the Executive Director of Sinclair Health Clinic, protecting my team is my responsibility. They risk their health and that of their families to deliver compassionate, science-based care to those without insurance, Covid or not.

Questions, the same questions, flooded my mind. Will our current supply of masks be enough to protect staff and patients? At pre-Covid levels, we had months of disposable masks on hand, but the needs changed. With a virus capable of spreading before people feel symptoms, everyone needed a mask, every day. Without any masks to be purchased, how could we safely provide the care our patients needed given our dwindling supply?

Sinclair Health Clinic launched our Cover Sinclair: Community Mask Donation Campaign and asked for help. Within days, cloth masks started coming in.

These masks were stitched with love and care by selfless volunteers. For over thirty years, Sinclair Health Clinic has been able to treat the uninsured through the help of our supportive community. And that enduring truth was evidenced in every stitch, pleat, and hem.

To the mask makers who generously gave hours of time and bolts of fabric to keep my team and our patients safe, I thank you. Your efforts are keeping our clinic open, keeping our team protected, and keeping our patients healthy. You are true heroes.

Thank you to the Valley Maker Mask Group, AppleValley Needle Threaders, Grace Community Church, the Lake Frederick Ladies including Kath Delia and Jamie Ruppmann,  Nettie Hottel, Pia Crandall, Brona Tyson, Ken Sellers, Debbie Alverson, Diana Anglero, Debbie Buckner, Libba Pendleton, Tricia Simpson, Marie DiLorenzo, Spencer Marfing, Sue Cadel-Fehr, Virginia McClure, Nikki Klebieko, Debbie Langfitt at Classic Touch, Jeri Zitterkab, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the donors who wish to remain anonymous… because of you, Sinclair Health Clinic is ‘covered’ and our entire community is healthier.

As we look to the future, there are many challenges yet to face and looming uncertainty as to how we handle the dark clouds ahead. As long as there are heroes in our community willing to help each other, like our mask makers, I am confident we will weather any storm.

-Katrina McClure

We are excited to announce that the SHC has been awarded a grant from the VAFCC of  $130,000, made possible by a $1.5 million donation to VAFCC from Optima Health/Sentara.  The grant provides for funding to help with the transition to Medicaid as well as outreach efforts.

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