“I am 15 minutes away and have a bunch of masks for you,” the delivery driver crackled through his cell phone. 

A short time later, Sinclair Health Clinic staff found itself unexpectedly unloading 50,000 masks into its building’s front lobby.  While grateful for the PPE, which arrived from the VA Department of Emergency Management and Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Clinic wondered how they would distribute such a large quantity of masks to those who needed them most.  The Clinic immediately put out a call for distribution help.

Troy Sloane, an unsung hero in the Winchester community, responded to the Clinic’s call to help distribute masks.  Troy is a resident who discovered a substantial unmet need for food in his community and committed himself to help meet that need.  Every week, Troy rents a U-Haul truck and drives to a church in West Virginia, where he loads his truck with box lunches, returns to Winchester, parks downtown, and gives the lunches to individuals who need them.  Does Troy do this heartfelt work on behalf of a local organization? No. Remarkably, Troy and his friend Stephan Johnson pay for the truck and gas themselves.

Through his partnership with the Clinic, Troy has distributed thousands of masks from the back of his rental truck while passing out boxed lunches, all the while informing those he meets about the many ways Sinclair Health Clinic can help.  And he has distributed masks to numerous organizations, too. Troy shared, “We have given some to churches here in the community, and even to some nurseries!”

Katrina McClure, Sinclair Health Clinic’s executive director, remarked on the Clinic’s friendship with Troy, “We can do more as a community and provide more benefits for the community when we partner together.” Like Dr. Terry Sinclair, who created the Clinic in 1986 with a small team of volunteers, Troy and Stefan are living proof that a few individuals’ vision and dedication can make a lasting impact on an entire community.

Research and writing support: Denise Heisler
Photo: Troy Sloane and friends delivering masks and food.(Photo provided by Troy Sloane)

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