Louise (on the left) Models Her New Eyeglasses with Brandi.

Brandi Brannon, our Medication Assistance Coordinator, presented Louise Robinson with a pair of free prescription glasses. It was Louise’s birthday, and she was the first recipient of our new program called New Eyes for the Needy. Louise told us she had not been able to see properly for the past two years with her old glasses. Now she can see again!

New Eyes for The Needy provides one pair of free eyeglasses annually for uninsured patients who qualify. Patients enrolling in the program complete a quick application providing information such as prescription and pupillary distance. Next, patients choose their frames from several choices and Brandi submits the information to the program headquarters where the eyeglasses are made-to-order. A short time later the prescription eyeglasses are mailed back to the clinic for delivery.

Happy belated birthday, Louise! Thank you for giving us permission to share your story and the photo of you and Brandi showing off your new glasses! They look great!

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about this program, please visit Brandi in our pharmacy or call her at 540-536-1680, option 2.

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