We are proud to be EyeArt system’s first deployment in a free and charitable care clinic.  

Sinclair Health Clinic recently became the first free and charitable care clinic to receive EyeArt® AI system for diabetic eye screening system. We are proud to be EyeArt system’s first deployment in a free and charitable care clinic. The EyeArt system provides automated diabetic retinopathy screening without the need for expert human grading or eye dilation, enabling imaging, grading, and reporting in a single office visit.

“The state-of-the-art EyeArt technology significantly improves the care that we deliver to our patients,” said Katrina McClure, Executive Director. “A large majority of our patients are uninsured, and for some, missing time away from work can jeopardize their weekly grocery budget. By offering diabetic eye exams here in our clinic, our patients have easier access to a screening that can quite literally help save their vision.”

The EyeArt system autonomously analyzes patient’s retinal images acquired using an integrated fundus camera, robustly detects signs of disease, and returns an easy-to-read report in under 60 seconds. The system incorporates a number of deep learning and image analysis algorithms to automatically assess the quality of the images, detect the presence and extent of lesions, and determine the level of disease based on internationally recognized clinical scales.

Vision screening is vital for patients diagnosed with diabetes. Before the EyeArt system, our patients needed to schedule an appointment with a specialist, which meant another appointment, more travel, and more time away from work and pay. Now, the EyeArt system will allow Sinclair Health Clinic providers to perform eye exams as part of our patients’ regularly scheduled care visits.

Better care. Better outcomes.

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