Drug Screening Department

Our Mission

The Sinclair Health Clinic is committed to delivering the highest quality customer service, with the most accurate and timely drug screenings. This commitment ensures that a client will be provided all the tools needed to increase employee productivity by working towards a safe and drug-free workplace.

Hours of Operation

Monday, Thursday 9 am – 7:30 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 9 am – 4:30 pm

We know the importance of these screens and recognize that some clients cannot be available to screen during regular business hours. Because of this, we offer two evening clinics per week. Those clinics are every Monday and Thursday evening when we will collect until 7:30 pm.

Our Staff

All of our Specimen Collection Specialists have completed training provided by Quest Diagnostics and have received all necessary certifications.  This allows them the knowledge to know how to properly collect, fill out all necessary paperwork, and know what signs to look for when it comes to possible adulterations.

Submitting a Request

Your organization will be supplied with a customized request form.  To submit a request, simply fill in the name and birthdate of the client testing, the reason for the screen (Pre-Employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion/Cause, etc.) then the name of the ordering party, contact phone number, and the date.  You can order multiple screens for the same individual on one request form to be completed during the same encounter.  The request can then be emailed to our technicians on duty via the designated email address or it can be delivered in person. We are unable to accept requests over fax or the phone.

Our Screens

At SHC, we offer a variety of screens to suit the needs of our clients. Those screens include Rapid 10-Panel and Rapid 12-Panel which are the most popular amongst employers because of their ability to identify a definitive “Negative.” This saves the employer time because it eliminates the necessity of a lab confirmation on a negative screen, and also the expense of sending the specimen to the Medical Review Officer.  Rapid Screens must be sent for lab confirmation when a non-negative is detected so the Medical Review Officer can analyze the specimen and determine if it is a positive based on quantitative levels.

What We Do

When the client enters the facility, they will be greeted by one of our technicians and asked for identification.  Once the identification process is completed, the client will complete and sign the consent to screen form and he or she will be asked to take a seat in our waiting area while the paperwork is processed and verified by our staff. This only takes a few minutes. The client will then be escorted to the collection area where the screening process will be explained as well as what screenings your organization has requested. At that time, he or she will be shown to the collection restroom.  Once collection is complete, the client will be asked to fill out and sign the Control Form and a seal will be placed on the specimen bottle which he or she will be asked to initial. If a rapid screen has been completed, the client will have the option to wait for about five minutes for the results.  At this time the specimen will be bagged and placed in the specimen box where it will be picked up by our lab the same day. MRO results typically come back in approximately 48 hours for urine and seven to ten days for hair. A confirmation email will be sent to the ordering agency upon the completion of the screen as will Rapid results if they are ordered. To assure the privacy of those screened, we are unable to give any results over the phone.

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