Our Pharmacy

Access to medication is a huge barrier to healthcare needs.  The Sinclair Health Clinic offers a state-licensed pharmacy that provides a huge variety of affordable medications.  The pharmacy offers a medication formulary for our patients, which can be found by clicking here.  Additional brand name medications can also be applied for through various drug manufacturers’ Patient Assistance Programs.
In addition to serving our patient population, the Sinclair Health Clinic Pharmacy will also fill prescriptions for the general public.  Our Community Pharmacy Medication Formulary can be found by clicking here.  At this time, we do not bill any insurance; however, our prices may be cheaper than your co-payments.

We do not fill prescriptions for narcotics/controlled substances. 


Monday – 9am to 4pm
Tuesday – 10am to 7pm
Wednesday – 9am to 4pm
Thursday – 9am to 4pm
Friday – 9am to 1 pm

Pharmacy Phone

Don’t see your medication on our formulary?
Give us a call!

Phone:  540.536.4012
Fax:  540.662.4724


Need a refill? Please call the pharmacy.


Patient Formulary (as of 5/17/2018)

Community Formulary (as of 5/17/2018)

We do not accept electronic prescriptions.  Doctor’s offices may call-in or fax prescriptions.

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