Holiday stress, on top of pandemic stress can make the holidays seem…kinda…STRESSFUL. Members of our team share a few thoughts and ideas of how to manage your physical health, mental health, and emotional wellbeing so you can better enjoy this ‘most wonderful time of the year’.


To get us started, our clinical pharmacist, Jamie Huff shares ideas on holiday food, particularly for those who’ve been diagnosed with diabetes:


Next, Craig Lien, our licensed professional counselor, shares tips and ideas about managing household disagreements, which can sometimes increase during the holidays:


Finally, the talented Bronwen Landless, our music therapist, shares a relaxation technique and a musical exercise you can use to find your emotional center when you are feeling that holiday stress:


We put so much emphasis on wanting our holidays to be ‘perfect’ but at the end of the day, experiencing meaningful and uplifting connection is what truly makes any season bright.

We won’t all be with the ones we love during the holidays this year, for many reasons. Some of us -maybe you-might feel lonely and sad during the holidays. We understand. Our partners at Valley Health shared some information recently that we think you might find useful, click on the image:

or click the link: Valley Health: Holidays

As ever, we are here if and when you need us: reach us by phone at 540-536-1682 or online. We wish you a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.


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