Community Engagement Begins a New Program.

In July, our Community Engagement Division began a new program at the Northwest Regional Adult Detention Center. Each week, two members of our community engagement team travel to the Detention Center to meet with inmates about to be released to help connect them with the essential services they will need to succeed in their lives and our community.

Each inmate meets with our team privately in secured rooms within the Center. After completing an application to become a patient and be seen at the Clinic upon their release, our team assesses other resource needs. In collaboration with Detention Center staff, our team works with each inmate to assist with necessities such as housing, transportation, food, Medicaid, SNAP, mental health counseling, job assistance, literacy support, and substance abuse counseling, among others.

Working in our capacity as community health workers and patient care case managers, we reach out to our network of community support organizations to connect inmates with the resources they will need. In many cases, we can complete enrollments in essential support programs before their release dates – making the help they need available on day one of release.

Our goal is to ensure that every inmate has access to the care and assistance available to them so they can more easily re-enter our community and live healthy, positive, and meaningful lives.

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