Our Patients Share Their Thoughts

In May, we began an electronic patient satisfaction survey program to better understand how our patients rated our services. We send surveys to patients via text email 24 hours after an appointment with us. Their responses are anonymous.

The results have been informative and heartwarming.

Based on 120 patient responses to date, our patients have rated us an average of 4.7 stars out of 5.

We were overwhelmed by the number of heartfelt comments our patients returned with their feedback forms. Here are just a few which have been edited only to remove information that might identify the patient. 

“Mr. Craig is a great therapist! He listens, he gives input, he gives me “homework” to do putting in motion tools of info he gave me. He encourages me.”


“This was thank you for being there thank you for all that you’re done every last person who did something to that building or donate money or work with the government to get this place going I want to thank you Dr Rose is amazing woman she’s amazing doctor she knows her stuff and I am so happy to have her as my doctor she takes time to listen to you she takes time to explain things thoroughly to you and she’s willing to do the best she can with her patience and she don’t give up and I like that as a black American I had doctors who have not even seemed to even care if I make an appointment back in the days or right up to the last years until I started coming there at the Sinclair health clinic I’ve been treated with respect and Dr Rose don’t see any color no gender nothing all she sees it’s a person who needs some medical assistance and she’s right there she’s definitely doing God’s will and I’m very thankful for her and I’m thankful for Saint Clair health clinic you guys doing an amazing things thank you so much for being there for me and others God bless you all!”


“If it was not for the Sinclair Health Clinic I would not be able to see a doctor for my heart problems or my diabetes. I simply cannot afford a doctor outside the Sinclair Clinic. You guys are amazing, and you really care about people who need health care that cannot afford it elsewhere. We are Blessed to have you in our community!!”


“I’m thankful for how warm and welcoming the staff that I interacted with was. I also noticed how the staff that I didn’t interact with was with other patients I observed The same warmth. It appeared to be ubiquitous. I’m grateful for the resource and everyone involved.”


“I am so impressed with the level of care that I received. The staff and providers are extremely compassionate. I never could have made it without them. I thank God everyday for this clinic.”


“The best treatment & care I’ve ever received from ANY physician. Ms. Cindy ALWAYS takes all the time she needs 2 to listen & explain the issues u bring 2 her. She explains n detail. She comes across as though you are a family member she cares about! Very rare 2 find such a kindhearted person n the medical field. Better than most MDs. Excellent PA. She will remain someone I go to as long as I can. Highly recommend her to others!! Thanks for your service.”


We are grateful for the kind words. And for those who offered constructive criticism for our team, we heard you, too. We strive every day to get better at what we do, reach more members of our community in need of the services we provide and make strong, lasting partnerships in the community. Listening to those we serve is an essential part of our ongoing growth and improvement.

The feedback we’ve received has already made us better. We look forward to the feedback, and improvements, to come.

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