These are not normal times. Not for our families, not for our community, not for our clinic. When times are tough, partnerships give strength. After all, sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.

Through our partnerships within our supportive community and our dedicated staff, we all amplified our collective impact. We did not tread water. We surged forward. Together, we stand up, commit, and play our unique roles with purpose, courage, and resolve. We specialize, remain laser-focused on our missions, and trust that we will make a bigger difference working together than we will alone. And we do.

I am excited to share just a few of these stories with you now. As you read about our collaborative response to Covid-19 and our plans to expand care to those newest community members, remember, none of these accomplishments belong to one person. This is work that can only be done as a team, a team that you, reading this, are most certainly a part of. Thank you.

With gratitude,

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